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Glossary management

The core feature

Manage your terminology assets in an easy-to-use tool. Your glossaries and documents are saved on your computer, are easily searchable. At any time.

Translation suggestions

Speed up glossary creation

While creating your glossaries, InterpretBank helps you find the best translation. It integrates many high-quality resources, such as IATE, InterpretBank's own terminology resources, and machine translation.

Fast search feature

In the booth

Our fast and intelligent algorithms make looking up terms easy and quick, even in the booth. On Windows, macOS, on iPad and Android tablets, without Internet connection.

Automatic term extraction

The power of AI

Automatically extract the relevant terms from your preparatory documents in Word, PDF and PowerPoint. Use Machine Translation to get a draft of your glossary.

Term extraction from parallel texts

Simply practical

Open a document and its translation, highlight the relevant terms in both documents and import the term pairs into your glossary. Fast and easy glossary creation!

Automatic glossary creation

No preparatory documents?

Start creating your glossary with the topic-related term lists created by AI. Enter your specialized topic or a customer webpage and let AI produce a list of relevant terms in your source language. Then apply Machine Translation to get a draft of your glossary!

Memorization everywhere

Learn your terms

Before the beginning of your assignment, learn or refresh your terminology knowledge with our easy-to-use dec cards feature. Do it on your mobile or tablet when you are underway!

Free WebApp for all devices

Access your data everywhere

Upload your glossary to your Private Cloud Account and look up your glossary in our Web App, from any device, even without Internet connection. Or share it with your colleagues, even if they do not use InterpretBank! Visit

Artificial boothmate - Speech recognition

Speech recognition in the booth

Use the power of AI to get suggestions in real-time while you are interpreting (experimental feature), available for English as a source language. Visit

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Your Data is Secure

Keep your glossaries and texts confidential

When you use the Desktop application, your glossaries and documents are saved and processed on your own computer!

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