AI-based tool for interpreters

Empowering the best generation of professional linguists.

Glossary management

Create and manage all your glossaries in a single database. On your own computer for max confidentiality.

Fast term lookup

Search your glossaries on any device with our super fast search functionality. Also without Internet connectivity.

AI productivity tools

Speed up glossary creation and lookup with AI. Use speech recognition with our innovative Digital Boothmate and NotePad

Multi device

InterpretBank runs on Windows, macOS and on any mobile device through our WebApp.

What is InterpretBank

Leverage AI through a clever design inspired by humans and dedicated to human professional interpreters.

With the Freelance and Enterprise editions, InterpretBank has the right solution for freelance interpreters and for institutions or enterprises.

  • State-of-the art AI features to boost your productivity
  • Create and manage glossaries in an easy and intuitive way
  • Access your data on Windows, macOS and any mobile device

InterpretBank is a computer-assisted interpreting tool designed for professional interpreters. Prepare specialized assignments, manage terminology and access it in the booth or underway, using our WebApp. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, a smart design and cutting-edge technologies, InterpretBank will improve your way to work.

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Designed for professional interpreters.

During preparation, InterpretBank creates and securely stores your specialized glossaries, in up to ten languages.

  • Extract terminology from your documents with a click of a button.
  • Find translations while you are editing your glossary.
  • Use AI to translate your glossary in a new language

Distraction-free artificial companion to help you while you are interpreting. You can search your glossaries in your Windows or macOS desktop. Or upload your glossary in the WebApp and access it from any device, for example an iPad or an Andorid tablet. The search function is fast and intelligent.


Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about our exceptional software, as they share their experiences and success stories in these compelling testimonials.

Thanks for bringing InterpretBank to the world – it has truly made a difference in my profession.

Elizabeth Deysel

Parliament of South Africa

I just bought InterpretBank. Very clear and informative homepage with very good instructions [...] easy to handle and an EXCELLENT SUPPORT!

Martina Wieser

BDÜ/VKD, Germany

In my view InterpretBank remains number one in sophistication among the terminology tools made for (and mostly by) conference interpreters. None of the other tools I am aware of covers such a wide range of an interpreter’s workflow. I would actually not call it a terminology management tool, but a conference preparation tool.

Anja Rütten

AIIC, Germany

By the way, chapeau for the good work, I only interpret with InterpretBank and recommend it whenever I can.

Isabelle Hofmann

Freelancer, Germany

I love this tool. It is so lightweight and it fires up in 2 seconds. I now find Excel quite cumbersome. And no more looking for my glossaries in endless folders and directories.

Diana Coada

Freelancer, UK

Thank you very much for the software. I am really satisfied using it since I ordered it. Now I have started the process of sensitizing my colleagues.

Ilunga Nkulu

AIIC, South Africa


Explore the robust capabilities and innovative features of our cutting-edge software in this comprehensive section, designed to showcase how our product can transform your experience.

Edit and manage glossaries

Effortlessly organize and search your terminology: all your glossaries and documents, securely stored and accessible anytime, right on your computer.

Automatic translate terms

Streamline your glossary preparation: effortlessly discover the optimal translations through integration with our proprietary terminology databases, public repository and Large Language Models for context-aware translations, and more.

Super fast term lookup

Instant term lookup, anywhere you are: Experience the leading search technology tool with our fast and smart search feature. Effortless and quick term retrieval, whether you're in the booth or on the go. Compatible with Windows, macOS, iPad, and Android tablets

AI glossaries from Word/PDF Documents

Automatically create a multilingual glossary from a PDF or Word document written in one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Your document is processed locally on your machine! More info here!

AI glossaries on any topic

Describe a topic using a few words and let our AI systems create the glossary for you, for example "Solar energy", "Roman Empire" or "Green policies in Australia". Use the glossary as a starting point for your terminology work. Now translations are context-aware! More info here!

AI glossaries from webpages

Enter the URL of a corporate page you are interested in, for example the webpage of your client. Our AI will produce a multilingual glossary for you. More info here!

Memorize terms everywhere

Before you start an assignment, you can learn or refresh your terminology with our easy-to-use memorization feature. You can also do it on your phone when you're on the go.

Access you glossaries on any device

Upload your glossaries in the cloud and look them up with the WebApp on any device, even without an internet connection. Or share it with your colleagues, even if they don't use InterpretBank! More info here!

AI Speech Recognition

Harness the power of AI to get real-time suggestions while you interpret, available as a Digital Boothmate and as an Intelligent NotePad. More info here!


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With two editions (Freelance and Enterprise) we have the right solution for freelance interpreters and for institutions or enterprises. As a Freelancer you can choose between a subscription based license and a perpetual license.

Freelancer - Subscription

12.99 €9.99 / month

Billed yearly

Or buy it at €15.99/month billed monthly
  • Everything included
  • 1 user & 2 desktop installations
  • Glossary creation & management
  • Fast and intelligent term lookup
  • Memorization feature

    • PRO Pack features included
    • WebApp for any device
    • AI Translation
    • AI automatic glossary creation
    • ASR feature (beta)
    • Glossary sharing
    • Remote support
    • Updates&Upgrades


€29.99 / month

Billed yearly

  • All PRO features included
  • Local shared MSSQL database included
  • Dedicated support
  • Upgrade: Cloud shared database

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section! At InterpretBank, we believe that transparency is the foundation of trust. Our commitment to your satisfaction drives us to invest significant efforts in providing clear and concise explanations of our services and how they work.

  • How long does the free trial last?

    Your free trial starts the day you install InterpretBank and lasts for 14 days. You can convert your trial to a full, unlimited installation during the trial period or after the trial has expired.

  • The subscription makes sure you always have the most up-to-date and modern productivity tools from InterpretBank. ALL features of InterpretBank Freelance are included during the subscription time. Updates/Upgrates are free and remote support is available. During subscription time, you can deactivate the license on your old computer and activate it on the new computer using the build-in feature. No long commitment: choose between 1-month and 12-months binding time.

    As an alternative to a subscription, when you buy a Perpetual Desktop License of InterpretBank, you pay for your desktop software upfront (1-Time Purchase) and have the right to use the purchased version installed on your computer indefinitely. However, Cloud and AI features as well as updates and support are not part of the perpetual license. They are available in the PRO Pack. The PRO Pack is included with the perpetual license for one year from the moment of its first activation. You can purchase an additional annual extension of your PRO Pack on our webpage (no automatic renewal). You can activate a PRO Pack at any time for any perpetual license. The PRO Pack code you receive upon purchase is a 1-time code you redeem in InterpretBank to extend the validiy of the PRO Pack features for 12 months.

  • A PRO Pack is a 12-months service for perpetual licenses to access AI services, update/upgrade installation and access to support. In case of Subscriptions, the PRO PAck is always active.

    To extend a PRO Pack for a Perpetual license, buy a PRO Pack and insert the one-time code you will receive by email in the PRO Pack field in the menu Help/License in the Desktop App. The PRO Pack will be activated for 12 months.

  • You can used the installed version of InterpretBank indefinetly. To update/upgrade to a new InterpretBank version, an active PRO Pack is required. Updating to a newer version without an active PRO Pack may stop InterpretBank from working. InterpretBank does not provide any download of older versions than the latest release.

    You can move your installations to a new computer at any time. However, if this operation will require the assitence of our support, you will need to have a valid PRO Pack in order to receive support.

    We do not offer any support for any kind of issue a user may have if a PRO Pack is not active. You can activate a PRO Pack at any time for any version of InterpretBank. This will allow you to update/upgrade to the latest version of InterpretBank and receive support.

  • Each Desktop installation has its own Private database. On top of this, the Enterprise version can connect to a central database. You can choose between your own on-site server or our managed database. Only Windows is supported for the central database of the Enterprise edition.

    Cloud managed database: You can run InterpretBank with a central, cloud-based database which is managed by the InterpretBank team. You do not need any special installation. You receive the credentials that you can enter in InterpretBank, and your team can access a central database from any place without any particular infrastructure. Ready to run in a team in 5 minutes.

    On-premise database: You can run InterpretBank with a local server MSSQL database. The database is installed and managed by the IT department of your company. This is suitable for businesses that have the necessary IT know-how and staff to manage an on-site server, or for organizations with IT security policies in place that don’t allow off-site deployment.

  • When you use the Desktop application, your glossaries and documents are saved and processed on your own computer. This offers maximum security for your data. When you use the WebApp to access your glossary from any device, you upload the glossaries on InterpretBank's servers. Your data is NOT used nor accessible by any other person than you.

  • InterpretBank runs natively on Windows and macOS. You can also access your glossaries on any mobile device by using our WebApp.




Technical assistance

Technical support is available for clients with a valid Subscription or, in case of a Perpetual license, with an active PRO Pack. Send us your support requests using this web ticketing system. If want to file a bug report, you can also send us a notice directly from your Desktop installation (menu "Help | Report an issue")

NOTE: Before contacting the support, we advise you to install the latest available update (menu "Help | Search for an update"). This may solve your issue automatically. Important: updates are available only for active Subscriptions or, in case of a Perpetual license, PRO Packs.

In order to help us with the support, provide us the following info:

  • your Desktop License Key
  • what you are trying to do
  • a detailed description of the issue
  • if applicable, error messages and screenshots