Our commitment for higher education

If you are an educator and would like to use InterpretBank in your classes, your university can subscribe to our yearly UNIVERSITY packages.

20 single user/nominal licenses to use InterpretBank on and off-campus and have access to Desktop, WebApp, AI Features, ASR. Licenses can be distributed to trainers, students or used on university machines. These license keys are personal and cannot be transferred. Price for 20 licenses: 690 Euro/Year. You can add a package of further 20 installations at the price of 290 Euro/Year. Write us an email to get an offer to present to your financial office.

Training from experts

If you're seeking tailored training sessions on InterpretBank, you're in the right place. Whether you're a group of beginners eager to dive in, or an experienced interpreter aiming to refine your skills, our seasoned trainers are here to guide you. Catering to universities, professional associations, institutions, companies, and more, our experts are not only well-versed with every facet of InterpretBank, but they also come with a robust training background in diverse settings. Trust in their expertise! For inquiries on availability and pricing, reach out to us at info@interpretbank.com. Your mastery of InterpretBank awaits!

Expert Training for InterpretBank

Introductory Workshops at No Cost

Interested in learning the basics of InterpretBank? Our free online workshops provide:

  • An introduction to InterpretBank
  • A tour of its main features
  • Tips for managing glossaries
  • Guidance on creating your first glossary
  • Instructions for accessing glossaries on any device
  • The chance to ask questions directly to experienced instructors

Our workshops are led by interpreters and trainers who understand both AI and interpreting tools. Start learning from those who know it best!

Next Events

Date: 6th of February 2024 - 5pm-6pm Rome Timezone

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Dedicated classes

Looking for targeted training on InterpretBank? Our workshops are suited for both beginners and advanced interpreters. With trainers experienced in both InterpretBank and educational practices across various industries, we offer sessions for universities, professional groups, and businesses. For details on availability and pricing, contact us at info@interpretbank.com. Take the next step in mastering InterpretBank with us.