A quick overview about the basic ideas of InterpretBank
Learn how to install and update InterpretBank on Windows and macOS
Learn how to activate your license.
Organize glossaries
Learn how to organize your glossaries, how to create a new glossary or how to delete, rename and modify an existing glossary
Create a glossary
Learn how to edit a term, find translation suggestions and improve your glossary creation experience
Learn how to add your preparatory documents to a glossary, extract the terminology, both manually and automatically
Learn how to visually memorize and rehearsal your glossaries before an event
In the booth
Learn how to look up your glossary in the booth using your desktop application.
Import/Export, Backup
Learn how to import and export file, print a glossary and make a backup of your database.
Cloud services
Learn how to create your cloud account, to upload your glossaries and access them from any device (like an iPad).
Data visualization
Learn all options to visualize a glossary in InterpretBank
If you have a valid subscription, contact our assitance for free

Use InterpretBank Like A Pro

In our documentation you will find all features explained in a simple and clear way. We improve our documentation continuously so get in touch with us if something should not be clear.