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Hedwig Spitzer de Lugaro with InterpretBank
Hedwig Spitzer de Lugaro
Hedwig Spitzer de Lugaro and InterpretBank (Webseite)

Our commitment for professional interpreters

Leverage Existing Glossaries

As you prepare for new assignments, InterpretBank creates and securely stores your specialized glossaries, in two or more languages. You can use the set of tools we have developed to increase the spead of the glossary creation process.

  • Integrate your preparatory glossary within your glossary and start extracting terminology with a click of a button.
  • Let InterpretBank suggest you possible translations.It will collect and present you translations, triangulating results with previously saved glossaries, with your documents and so on to give you the best possible experience
  • Use technology to improve your workflows

If you work as a simultaneous interpreter, take your glossaries with you in the booth. You concentrate on interpreting, we give you the tool to lookup terms during pauses or even, under certain circumstances, while the mic is on.

  • Use your laptop and the main InterpretBank application.
  • Or upload your glossary to our server and access it from any device, even without InterpretBank, for example an iPad or an Andorid tablet.
  • The search function is fast and reliable.

Ask your collegues using InterpretBank when you meet them on a conference around the world. We are proud to have users on any continent, from Europe to America, Africa and Asia. We listen to your advice and feedbacks very attentivly and integrate your suggestions with every new release.