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Artificial Boothmate

Automatic Speech Recognition in the interpreter's workstation

InterpretBank ASR is a cloud-based feature that automatically looks up terminology, names and numbers while you are interpreting, by listening to the original speaker. You need InterpretBank Desktop in order use this feature. From your Desktop installation, you can choose one or more glossaries relevant to your event and intitate a session. You will open the provided session URL in our WebApp.

Video of InterpretBank ASR for numbers and terminology

The Artificial Boothmate

What it does

InterpretBank is the first tool that adds real-time AI-based features to the interpreter workstation. Terminology and numbers are challanging for interpreters. We are invastigating the technical and cognitive feasablity to use ASR to support interpreters in these areas.


Automatic lookup of specilized terms


Automatic prompt of numbers


Recognize Proper Names, etc.


Fast suggestions in real-time

How to setup your computer: handbook


Research around CAI tools, ASR and interpreting

If you are using this tool for your research, consider citing Claudio Fantinuoli "Speech Recognition in the Interpreter Workstation", Proceedings of the Translating and the Computer 39 (2017), 25-34.

Other publications around Interpreting and Technology are available here.


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