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Glossary management

With InterpretBank you can organize all your glossaries in a clear and intelligent way. All your terminology is saved in a single database, divided in glossaries. This makes it easy to reuse your past work, when you create a new glossary or when you access your glossaries in the booth. If you want, you can synchronize your database and access all your glossaries from up to 2 computers (your laptop and your home PC).

With our solution all data is saved on your computer. Nothing leaves your computer if you want. This is key to grant confidentiality of data.

Glossary creation

InterpretBank helps you create better glossaries in less time. You can extract the most important terms from your documents, get automatic suggestions on how to translate a term, search the documents you have received for preparation in a comfortable way, get the key concepts of very long documents, look up your favorite online dictionaries, annotate speeches or texts with your glossary terminology. All from InterpretBank.

Many high-quality dictionaries and terminology databases, such as IATE, are integrated out-of-the-box! Lookup your favorite dictionaries on the web, find definitions, translations, examples of use. If you have parallel texts in two or more languages, spotting the terms and their translations and inserting them into your glossary is quick and fast.

Insert terms into glossary from parallel texts

Find translations while creating your glossary

Automatic translation

When you create a new glossary, InterpretBank will suggest you possible translations. It integrates many resources, such as IATE, the terminology database of the European Institutions, possibly the biggest multilanguage terminology database on earth. In the booth, if you search in your glossary and don't find any solution, InterpretBank will suggest you (if you wish) a translation coming from the many integrated resources.

When you install InterpretBank, IATE is available out-of-the-box for any language combination (if you are connected with the Internet) or for English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian even if you are off-line. You can import other languages from IATE (refer to the User guide to know how to do it) to have them offline too, or buy a customization (we will deliver you IATE for your language combination).

And not only IATE: we are integrating many other resources in InterpretBank, both online as well as off-line. If you want your favorite resource, just drop us a line!

Terminology extraction

Easier and quicker glossary creation thanks to our automatic term extraction feature. This service is able to extract a list of monolingual specialized terms from your documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF). The term extraction is now available for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch (more languages, like Polish, Russian, etc. to come). Combine this with the plethora of translation databases integrated in InterpretBank, for example IATE, the database of the European Union, to easily create multilingual glossaries and improve your event-preparation workflow.

Extract terminology from preparatory texts

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Look up terms

Use precise terminology in the booth. You can not always rely on your memory, or on other interpreting strategies when a good rendition of the original speaker requires the use of specialized terms. Now and then, when the situation allows it, you can look up terms in your database. InterpretBank's quick and intelligent algorithms help you minimizing the interaction with the interpreting process. The search is not limited only to your event glossary but it can extend to your entire database and to online resources. Glossaries can be exported for look up on any mobile device, such as iPads and Androids tablets. Organizations can even start experimenting with Speech Recognition* in order to maximize usability.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art intelligent search, InterpretBank will search first in your event glossary and then extend the search to other resources. It can correct typing errors, exclude non-lexical words, performs accent and case insensitive searches, allows searches only in the source language or in all glossary languages, and much more! Choose the options that suit you best and personalize the way it works!

  • Quick lookup system designed for the booth
  • Intelligent algorithm to optimize results
  • Automatic error correction
  • Accent and case insensitive
  • For organizations: ready for Speech Recognition*
  • Glossary access even on iPads and Android tablets without Internet connection

Speech recognition

What if InterpretBank could automatically prompt you - while you are interpreting - with the translations of the specialized terminology used at the conference, with numbers, abbreviations and places, without the need to perform any search? This is becoming reality now! Through the integration of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), InterpretBank is able to boost your interpreting quality, helping you with some difficult aspects of the interpreting process: terminology, numbers and proper names. Even if InterpretBank already offers an open interface to integrate the ASR engine of choice directly, for the moment the solution is indicated for organisations and institutions with a dedicated IT infrastructure. Why? InterpretBank uses Google Speech to Text: InterpretBank contacts Google servers in order send the recorded voice data and get back the resulted text. This poses some confidentiality issues, as voice data will be available to Google under a not yet defined policy. You can use a local speech to text service, like Dragon Naturally Speaking (see handbook on how to set this). However, as computer processing capacity is still limited, the latency of such a solution is still too big (the results are shown with a big delay). We are working on a solution combining speed and confidentiality! Stay tuned!

Read the article written by Common Sense Advisory, a USA-based think tank for executives and managers


Experimental: speech recognition integration

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Before the conference begins, memorize your glossaries in a visual way! The terms are shown alternatively in the source and in the target language. You can move on to the next term manually or, if you prefer, automatically by setting the desired amount of seconds on the timer. Mark terms as Forgotten and rehearsed them again. Thousands of users love this function for its simplicity, effectiveness and elegance. This flashcard software helps users to transfer terms into long-term memory.

Text management

Save all your preparatory texts (Word, PowerPoint and PDF) directly in InterpretBank. Save them within your glossary and profit for a paper-free management of your documents. You can search inside your texts using a concordancer (perfect to see a word in context), extract the relevant terminology (both manually, for example from parallel texts, or automatically in case of monolingual documents), find example of use, and much more.

Paper-free preparatory texts management