Info about InterpretBank on a Mac

InterpretBank has been natively developed for Windows. In order to allow you to run InterpretBank on a Mac, we have compiled a version that runs on most1 Mac computers.

How to start it the first time:

macOS High Sierra:

  • download the installer (zip) from the Website
  • the file should be unzipped automatically. If not, unzip it
  • move the App to your Desktop (or Application folder). Important: do not start it from the Download folder!
  • in the Finder, locate the app, control-click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu
  • if the app doesn't start, go to Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General. In the lower part of the window, grant an exception for InterpretBank by clicking the “Open Anyway”

macOS Sierra

  • download the installer from the Website
  • unzip it (if not unzip automatically)
  • move the App to your Desktop (or Application folder)
  • Ctrl+Mouse clic on the icon -> choose "Open"
  • Confirm security message
  • Wait for configuration

macOS El Capitan:

  • download the installer (zip) from the Website
  • unzip it (if not unzip automatically)
  • move the App to your Desktop (or Application folder)
  • Mouse clic on the icon
  • Wait for configuration

What to do if the program won't start

There are reports that the program doesn't run on some Mac. This has to do with some (mysterious) security routines active on some few Mac. If your Mac is affected, you can easily run the Windows version of InterpretBank using the following easy solutions:

  • CrossOver: commercial solution, easy to use, works on all Mac. Several users using InterpretBank with it


Enabling contest menu: InterpretBank needs the trackpad to be able to use the two-finger tap. This is used to show the contextual menu, for example to start automatic translation. If this is not enabled in your Mac, just choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Trackpad and enable two-finger tap

Problem with some accents in estern languages: on some Mac InterpretBank may be unable to use some accented characters. If this is the case, tell us which macOS are you using, its language setting, the language you are having problem with and the letters you are having problems with. We will try to solve the problem. In the meantime, you can customize the Symbols lists with these letters. Right click (two-finger tap) on an entry field, click on Edit symbols. You can enter these simbols by right clicking on an entry (two-finger tap) and choosing the right character. In the conference modality, just set in the Search Settings the option Accent insensitive and type without accents. If the problem persists, write us and we will update this for your language.