Data confidentiality is key in your profession

Data security

Our commitment for data security

We know how important data security and confidentiality are for professional interpreters. For this reason we decided to develop a desktop tool that saves and elaborates all your data only on your own computer. Zero compromises in security questions! Read here all the details around InterpretBank and data security.

Where is my data saved?

InterpretBank saves all your data, i.e. glossaries and preparatory documents, on your hard-disk. You can find the location where such data is saved in menu Options|General. The standard location for your terminology database and documents can be changed in menu Options. Nobody else can access this data.

What happens when I automatically extract terminology from my documents?

Your documents never leave your computer. The complex algorithms needed to perform terminology extraction are inside InterpretBank and therefore all computations are performed on your computer.

What about uploading a glossary to access it from any device?

This is the only optional feature of InterpretBank that bring your data to the cloud. InterpretBank has two optional functionalities you can use to access single glossaries in a Webbrowser from any device: Upload to access glossary from mobile devices and Upload to memorize glossary from mobile devices. If you use one of the two functionalities, the selected glossary will be uploaded to our Germany-based server. There are situations where you may want to use these functions (that replicate the functionalities of the main application). Think about learning your vocabulary on the train or bus the day of your assignment on a cell phone, for example. With these functions, your data (single glossary) leaves your computer and is temprarily saved on our secure server. After 14 days the data on our server will be deleted. Forever. If you want to access your glossary again from everywhere, simply upload it again. How often you like.

How does InterpretBank interacts with the Internet?

InterpretBank will collect, if you want, translation candidates while you are preparing a glossary, helping you to create better glossaries in less time. For this function, it takes your term and looks up several trustfully services on line. No other data leaves your computer and no tracking of your searches is done. It is the same principles as writing a term in Google and finding useful results. Only that we do NOT track any of your query.