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InterpretBank is a computer-assisted interpreting tool developed to support professional interpreters during their work, from assignment preparation to interpretation in the booth. Most assignements require the use of highly specialized terminology. This is why you need to acquire profound insight into the event subject, to create high-quality glossaries, and to easily access them, even in the booth. InterpretBank for Windows and macOS supports you in the creation, management, memorization of glossaries as well as on facilitating terminology retrival in the booth. Glossaries can be accessed from desktops and laptops and from any mobile device, like an iPad or an Android tablet.

While you are creating a new glossary, InterpretBank suggests translations automatically. This dramatically reduces the effort and the time involved in writing high-quality glossaries. During the act of interpreting, intelligent algorithms allow you to access relevant terminology quickly without distracting you from what you are doing - translating between languages. InterpretBank4 lays the foundation for future innovations: it now offers the possibility to integrate Speech Recognition1 to allow easy terminology lookup and number indentification of live speeches. It will integrate other useful functions, such as terminology extraction and automatic summarisation. Our goal: providing professional interpreters with tools and functions that can help improving their working experience and performances, especially when working with specialized subjects. Download a trial version and try InterpretBank yourself! Look at our video tutorials.

The new version is an intuitive, distraction-free, and easy-to-use tool with a lot of power and behind-the-scenes innovation. Among the many features is the integration of high-quality terminological resources (e.g. IATE) designed for high-speed glossary creation, and a brand new, intelligent search algorithm that pinpoints the terms you really need. InterpretBank is already used by hundreds of professional interpreters around the world who work freelance or for major institutions and organizations such as the European Union. Read what they think on Facebook or here.


You can use InterpretBank in many steps of the interpreting process.
From preparation to accessing terminology in the booth, its intelligent design will help you improve your performance.

  • Create a glossary

    Find translations for your terms, browse definitions, look up your favorite online dictionaries: quicker glossary creation and better quality

  • Manage glossaries

    Organize your terms clearly, reuse your work, share with colleagues

  • Memorize

    Prior to the event, memorize the key terms of the event

  • Look up terms in the booth

    Use our quick and intelligent algorithm to easily look up terms in the booth. You can look up a glossary on Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablets

InterpretBank is growing with you

We are implementing all sort of ideas to make you work better and faster. We are developing new fantastic features and release them with every update. For example, in a few months InterpretBank will be able to manage your preparatory documents and extract useful information from them.

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InterpretBank - Terminology Interpreters


  • All glossaries are saved in a unique database on your computer. Reusing them in the future is now easier than ever.
  • When you write a new glossary, InterpretBank suggests translations automatically, among others from IATE
  • In the booth, intelligent search algorithms locate the exact term you are searching for, now even with Speech Recognition1
  • Easy to use glossary memorization modality
  • Synchronization of your glossaries between desktop and laptop
  • Runs on Windows and Mac. You can also look up glossaries in Android devices and iPads
  • Share your glossary with colleagues


We have designed a tool that is powerful, easy to use, intelligent ... and that has an attractive interface. Take a look!

Prepare a new glossary and learn the subject

Good preparation is a key element in improving your interpreting performances. InterpretBank supports you while preparing new topics and creating specialized glossaries.

  • Get translation suggestions from IATE and your favorite Web resources while writing your glossary
  • Discover how words are used in context
  • Memorize new terms
  • Synchronize your database between your desktop and laptop
  • Collect reference texts on a specific topic2 automatically
  • Extract relevant terminology2
  • Find definitions on the Web
  • Get automatic translation suggestions
  • Exchange glossaries with collegues seamlessly

Looking up terminology in the booth

In the booth you concentrate on interpreting. InterpretBank helps you to look up specialized terminology quickly. You can even do it with Speech Recognition1 on Windows and manually lookup on any device, such as iPads and Android tablets.

Search your specialized glossary quickly without interfering with the interpreting process. Thanks to our state-of-the-art intelligent search, InterpretBank will search first in your event glossary and then extend the search to other resources. It corrects typing errors, excludes non-lexical words, performs accent and case insensitive searches, allows searches only in the source language or in all glossary languages, and much more! Choose the options that suit you best and personalize how it works for you!

  • Quick lookup system designed for the booth
  • Intelligent algorithm to optimize results
  • Automatic error correction
  • Accent and case insensitive
  • Ready-made for Speech Recognition1
  • Glossary access even on iPads and Android tablets

5 star support

Have you run into some problems with using the tool? Would you like a new feature implemented? Do you want to add the search option of your favorite online dictionary? Do you want to customize the tool for your organization? Would you like some didactic material to teach InterpretBank? Just send us an e-mail. We take our customers need very seriously. Read what people think about our customer service on this page or on Facebook.

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Integration of multilingual resources

Integration with IATE

InterpretBank integrates IATE, the terminology database of European Institutions.

Possibily the biggest multilanguage terminology database on earth, the integration of IATE automates the creation of your event glossary. In the booth, IATE is automatically looked up if your glossary doesn't contain any useful result. IATE is provided out-of-the-box for English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. You can import other languages from IATE or buy a customization and allow us to do it for you.

What people say about InterpretBank

The best publicity are the words of our satisfied users.

Ephrem Kamanzi (AIIC)


It's really a cool application. I like the fact that now you don't have to leave the main interface to go to booth mode. Very useful when you're under fire in the booth. I'll definitely purchase it.

Martina Wieser (BDÜ/VKD)

Aschaffenburg, Germany

I just bought InterpretBank. Very clear and informative homepage with very good instructions [...] easy to handle and an EXCELLENT SUPPORT!

Anja Rütten (BDÜ/VKD - AIIC)

Cologne, Germany

All in all, in my view InterpretBank remains number one in sophistication among the terminology tools made for (and mostly by) conference interpreters. None of the other tools I am aware of covers such a wide range of an interpreter’s workflow. I would actually not call it a terminology management tool, but a conference preparation tool.

Isabelle Hofmann

Mistelgau , Germany

By the way, chapeau for the good work, I only interpret with InterpretBank and recommend it whenever I can.

Diana Coada

Manchester, UK

I love this tool. It is so lightweight and it fires up in 2 seconds. I now find Excel quite cumbersome. And no more looking for my glossaries in endless folders and directories.

Ilunga Nkulu (AIIC)


Thank you very much for the software. I am really satisfied using it since I ordered it. Now I have started the process of sensitizing my colleagues.

Download free trial

You can download, install and try the demo version for free. After installation, you have 28 days to test the program. InterpretBank has been developed for Windows. We encourage you to download and test the tool (especially to test compatibility) before purchasing a license.


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Free Updates

InterpretBank is well supported. Updates are released periodically. See the change log. To update your Windows installation, simply download the Windows installer and run it.

Older versions

Are you still using Version 3? Here you can find the last update for this old version.



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